Automated General Counsel for Startups

AutoGC helps you find and manage excellent lawyers and handles common legal and compliance tasks from your email inbox.

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Base subscription

Your base AutoGC Subscription includes access to the gc@storyllp.com email inbox to serve as your always-on virtual General Counsel.

Your subscription includes:

Always-on access to legal oversight and free lawyer management services

Simplified management of all legal matters and costs

Story checks for key compliance items so you don’t have to

Easy connections to the right human legal help in our vetted Attorney Alliance

Email-a-keyword to trigger common legal processes like issuing options

Lawyer-optimized form selection and order of legal operations

Forward-to-file all legal docs in a diligence-optimized, intuitive structure

Notifications on key deadlines and legal updates


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Real-time automation diligence

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Attorney Alliance

Hourly custom legal services through Story’s Attorney Alliance.

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Securities and compliance filings

Other details you should know


One entity per subscription, company must be formed and in good standing. Forms are drafted for Delaware Corporations and may not be suited for other states or entity types.
Subscription payment must be current to receive legal services.

What you need to get started

Legal names and contact information for the Company, founders and directors. One primary authorized signatory.
Pay monthly or annually in advance, cancel anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard Services

The AutoGC subscription covers fully-automated tasks that are customized only to the extent of certain profile and other information you’ve shared with us, and on circumstances we know about you. While they may include legal recommendations and advice, you are explicitly trading any client-specific customization and malpractice responsibility in exchange for a much lower price. The subscription price is prepaid, fixed, and designed to be accessible to founders and humans with less means and less capital, but still provide the value of our firm’s aggregated knowledge about best practices.

Custom Services

Custom services are legal services performed by a human lawyer in our law firm or our Attorney Alliance. In this case, the human lawyer is building a work product that is specific to the particular client, in conversation with the client about her specific needs. All of our lawyers carry full malpractice insurance and agree to abide by all ethics standards of the state(s) where they are admitted to practice.

A human lawyer can notice something about what you said or ask you a question that software might have no awareness of, and bills by the hour.

Need custom services? Contact us.

We're always automating more and more - and we automate what our founder has done for clients as a General Counsel for well over a decade: advise business leaders on legal strategy and how to incorporate it into the business, help handle emergencies, cover day to day legal drafting and negotiations, and find and manage the right specialist when required to make sure the bill is efficient and the spending is a good return on investment.

Our AutoGC software is designed to prevent the mistakes our founder spent a career cleaning up for startups. AutoGC today fully automates hiring, firing, issuing stock, and issuing options in all fifty states. Along the way, we alert you through automated means if you are creating a known problem and we tell you how to fix it. AutoGC also facilitates securities filings related to these actions upon request at additional fees.

Why these automations first

We chose these event types because (1) they are what founders most often mess up by unknowingly skipping something important and (2) we can help founders NOT mess them up without much work from the founders. We expect to add more automated actions to our subscriptions over time.

What could go wrong

The key consequences of these particular mistakes include:

  • liability you didn't need, for example avoidable complaints from terminated employees that they were wrongfully terminated. These can easily cost 5-6 figures in legal fees to just respond to.
  • expensive cleanup work required by investors before they'll invest (example: key employees didn't assign IP, and now you have to pay the employees to sign something)
  • 6-7 figures in legal fees during an exit to negotiate around and remediate errors in these processes lower valuation/price or more money in conditional buckets like an earn-out from an acquirers when you exit

It is admittedly common to see founders say "I'll risk it because I don't really know if this business is going to work," at least until their Series A/B. This is admittedly about founder personality. If you're the type of person who would rather spend WAY less now in case you succeed, the subscription is great for you. If you are the type that would rather spend nothing now and take the chance that you spend much more later, you will only pay much more if you do actually succeed.

So, the subscription is much better for folks who are very bullish on their startup.

We have several hundred excellent attorney specialists in our Attorney Alliance, which is an invite-only network comprised of predominantly historically underrepresented lawyers who were recommended to us by other lawyers. When you subscribe to AutoGC, they're all at your fingertips. You can email gc@storyllp.comanytime to get free help:

  • Identifying which highly-vetted Allied lawyer or team of lawyers in right for your custom needs
  • Engaging and onboarding Allies with the right slice of your legal file
  • Tracking priorities and monitoring progress
  • Paying, answering question about and handling all billing under a single 1099 for our law firm

We certainly planned it that way, and you can read more in our Privacy Policy. The truth is, nothing on the internet can be perfectly secure, but we use industry standard or better security measures to do our best. Check out our Privacy Policy for the details.

We also use automated means to detect and prevent conflicts of interest and comply with other ethical and professional standards, like preserving attorney-client privilege.

Only legal entities can subscribe at this time. If you don’t have an entity yet, you can reach us at help@storyllp.com to form one. We offer affordable fixed fee packages.

It's true that Rippling, Gusto, Pulley, etc. will send A SINGLE form of some of the documents we automate. They send is a form a lawyer once designed for an anonymous user persona with no reference to things like jurisdiction or securities compliance that make a big legal difference.

If you already know the exact form you need and find it for free, that’s lovely – but non-lawyer founders rarely know exactly what form they need for a particular circumstance.

AutoGC chooses the right form for you and sends it in a way that’s designed to get your legal right from the start. Our form(s) and processes are optimized based on what we know about you at the direction of our law firm.


If you promised someone options and hired them using Gusto or Rippling, the offer doesn't mention it. If they leave before you paper those options and you exit the company, they can sue you for never granting them even if they wouldn't have vested yet because they didn't formally agree to a vesting schedule. Skipping steps like compliance checks or securities filings often happens on platforms that are not run by lawyers because the software platform alone cannot give you legal advice or practice law.

Story LLP's software operates on behalf of our law firm, and makes legal recommendations like:

  • choosing the right form based on your files, state, and other context
  • generating the correct number and version of documents for events at the right time and in the right order so everything is maximally enforceable. Ex: you must have the employee sign invention assignment before or on start date, but you can't issue options until after the start date and after the board approves them.
  • checking that you've taken all the right prerequisite steps and alerting you if you did not
  • if you did diligence onboarding, checking to see if you have the right setup to allow the action as you've requested it
  • telling you if what you're doing triggers another legal requirement and what that requirement is
  • making sure that all the documents get stored in a way that requires zero work from you to collect and organize if an investor or potential acquirer asks for them in diligence. Instead, you can send them immediately in a few clicks and look like a rockstar founder.

All of our Attorney Allies and their firms were recommended to us personally by other high-end lawyers for being awesome in the specialty they cover in the Alliance. We also pay attention to the schools and firms they trained at, but we think great work comes from many sources so we rely primarily on direct recommendations and introductions.

The Story LLP brand includes both the Story LLP law firm, a California limited liability partnership, and Story LLP Software Inc, a Delaware corporation. The Story LLP law firm is the exclusive licensee of the software company, and its lawyers direct and wholly control the operation of its software. The AutoGC subscription platform is operated by Story LLP Software Inc on behalf of the Story LLP law firm.

Your Choice

The choice of whether to hire a lawyer is mostly about YOU – we try to help you understand the value so you can better say that you do or do not need a lawyer this time. Only you know for sure.

Which Lawyer

Lawyers train for years in a specialty, and our platform aggregates their knowledge into proactive processes to help all founders get legal right from the start.

If you do legal work yourself or with a bad/inexperienced lawyer, it's sort of like doing your own appendectomy or hiring a med student to do it, except it may take longer to realize the harm you caused – or you may not realize that this is why the patient died.

Many startups fail, but most people don't realize how many of them failed because they made a few legal mistakes along the way they didn't realize they were making. Even if the company succeeds, though, these mistakes can cost you $1M-$2M in legal fees during your exit.

Lawyers cost money, and that can be hard for cash-strapped startups. But, the right lawyer, used in the right way, can save money, too. That’s why we built our Attorney Alliance to do what software cannot.